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iritebadficlol's Journal

i rite badfic LOL
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so leik im vzg and i like 2 rite badfic!!1

Okay, so we all hate badfic, right? That's what makes it badfic -- it is bad. But we all probably wrote it at some point, too -- even if it's no longer on the internet, or never was. There was probably a time when we would have typed a huge rant against any concrit, flamed people for writing what we didn't like, and even made up a dozen or so Sues. I know I did.

And some of us troll once in a while and write purposeful badfic. Big whoop, we're not harming anyone. Sometimes it can be funny, and sometimes it's not so funny, but still satisfying.

And once in a while you find a badfic author who really wants to become good. They have a passion for writing, but no skill. They respond well to concrit and ask for your opinions honestly. With a beta, their stuff might even be worth reading. With a little work, they could even write genuinely good fanfic. And we want to help.

So, iritebadficlol is for all these things at once. Want to share the badfic you wrote oh so long ago? Need to get that Sue off your chest? Feel like sharing something you wrote just for the purpose of writing badfic, even though you're "above" that now? Want to talk in some highly intelligent manner about the psychology behind badfic? Want to point us to an author who both needs and wants some help? Here's your community.


1) We are not here to be elitists. That's exactly the opposite of what we intend, actually. Elitism sucks. The moment you claim to be better than another fan, we will be on you like sparkly hair on a Mary Sue. Shut the fuck up and admit you're no better than the rest of us.
2) Be polite. This is not a community to rant against badfic. This is not a community to complain about trollfic. This is a FUN community -- or it's supposed to be, anyway. Politeness makes it easier to keep the fun up.
3) If you're going to post any of your badfic, put it behind an LJ-cut. If you don't know how, just ask. The same goes for any images or especially long posts. Basically, if you think it'd be too long for your friends page, don't inflict it on others, kthnx.
4) When posting about an author who has asked for help, be careful. If you're going to link us so that we can help out, too, make sure the author is okay with this. And if you see a post like this, don't immediately swarm the author. If there are already three or more people helping out, take a step back and just watch them improve.
5) We do not approve of flaming! Don't do it. Ever.
6) No one should ever be told to just stop writing. That should be clear, but I think it needs to be doubly clear. You will be banned if you tell people to stop writing.

I may add more rules later, but I think that's enough for now. Just use your common sense and don't invite Fandom Wank here. Remember: FUN!