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Now, [Mar. 9th, 2010|07:34 pm]
i rite badfic LOL


This community was linked on FFrants, and I really liked the idea of it, so I decided to join. I had a silly fangirl stage myself, and as I constantly have to reaffirm, I'm not ashamed! Fortunately my true badfic days, many moons ago when I was all of twelve years old, are long since over. I wasn't the one who posted, though, and that's my defense. My now-boyfriend, then-best friend did that, though I freely admit that I beta'd for him. I would share, but when I was a little older and started working on my first serious stories, I asked Duo to take it down.

Of course, I have more recent badfic as well. Unfortunately my personal least favorite of my fics is avidly waited on by several friends of mine, so I'm trying to mend the damn thing now, two years after I started writing it. The Spider's Web boasts excruciatingly purple prose, exacerbated by the fact that it was my first attempt at good old first person (which I screwed up immensely). It's also a fact that I hadn't actually had sex when I wrote it, so there are plenty of logistical problems that pop up in the sex scenes.

One of my personal favorite parts is just the opening paragraph:

If only one of those girls would stop tittering and looking askance at Mr. Sakyo and me, this torment would be that much easier to bear. Teenage fantasies are excruciating when directed at oneself, especially when coupled with fluttering eyelashes and obsequious sighs. In fact, there’s nothing I hate more than the way they keep looking over at us, pursing their lips and sizing us up, making alterations on us as if we were another of their vapid dresses. The fantasies that leap through their minds are doubtless only half as erotic as the actual truth, so why entertain them? Besides that, it’s an uncomfortable feeling to be lusted after by such a large gaggle of—I hesitate to say 'of girls,’ because quite a few of the boys occasionally shoot me glances as if I were a hunk of raw, bloody meat, and them starving wolves. But no eye could ever be as piercing as that of my dear professor. If they knew how right their assumptions were, or realized what the perfect Mr. Sakyo did after dark, they wouldn’t find him anywhere near so perfect.

If you're thinking to yourself, "Who thinks like that?" the answer is no one. No one thinks like that. I could go on, but I think it really speaks for itself.

I'm not a particularly fantastic writer. Still, writing badfic is part of improving; a period of growth, you might say. The rabid hatred of it, fangirls, and everything to do with immaturity itself is more irritating than any badfic. Everyone is born immature. It's who you grow up to be that matters, and in my case? For a hopeless Kurama fangirl who got into the worst parts of the uke-or-seme!Hiei debates, I think I turned out quite alright in the end.