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Moar Trek badness! [Jun. 4th, 2008|11:37 am]
i rite badfic LOL


This was my first attempt at doing something serious (serious being not script and not random). Not so much OOC as much as I didn't actually THINK about the fact that, um...this is Starfleet. Hoshi Sato's characterization especially is all over the damn place, and the sex scene is just so vanilla.

The ironic part? I wrote this AFTER just joining GAFF. O_O

Summary: After T'Pol and Trip become a couple, Archer and Sato are kept up by their love making (Okay, you can just see the cliches coming, don'cha? ;) ). The two then decide to sleep in Tucker's unoccupied room (O_o) but start feeling a little bit more than just co-workers. Yeah.

Hopefully, I can get someone to MST this sucker for me.

Perchance to Dream


Warning: This fic is rated a very high ‘R’ for lots of sexual content and language. This story is ninety percent about Sato/Archer, although Tucker/T’Pol plays an important part of the plot. If you are under 17 or have narrow views on sex, do not read this. If you choose to do so, you’re on your own. If you don’t think Archer and Sato will EVER become an item, leave now.

If you’ve read any of my other fics, you’ll notice a big difference between those (For example, “What the Hell?”) and this one. Unlike “What the Hell?”, this one has plot, and amounts to more than random violence and plain stupidity. I’ve kinda changed in the last year, so you’ll be seeing more serious stuff that’s not written in script form. So if you’re expecting that, you won’t find it here.

Not that I’ve stop writing those sorts of fics completely :)

Before you flame me, yes, I know S/A is as probable as Tucker being gay. I try to keep all the characters in character as much as possible. As long as that’s done, I don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to them.

Star Trek: Enterprise and all its characters belong to Paramount and their creators.

All reviews can be sent to Kariizumi2@aol.com.


Captain’s Personal Log, May 22, 2153

Gods, where go I begin? Things have been so complicated and moved so fast, I haven’t been able to keep up. First my commanding officers, now me. Boy, we’re in a lot of shit when we get home. Even Porthos doesn't look me in the eye since that night.

But if Tucker is like me, I’m sure he’ll agree that it’ll be worth the crap we take. Hoshi would agree, too. It’ s her opinion that I care about.

Let me start from the beginning…


It was 2415 hours, and Jonathan Archer could not sleep. Lately, he’d heard noises from his left-side neighbor, where his First officer, Sub-commander T’Pol, slept.

Although he was sure she hadn't been sleeping much over the past two weeks with Commander Tucker in the room with her, and not just for neurotheropy. The first time he hear noises, he called her room to ask what was going on…

“Archer to T’Pol. Is something the matter?”

The captain heard a lot of rustling and Commander Tucker say, “Who’s your daddy?” T’Pol gave out a sigh of joy and pleasure. “HARDER!”

Some slapping noise was followed, as well of groans of release.

Obviously, neither of them had heard him, so he closed the comm link between the two rooms. He didn’t need to be painted a picture to know what was going on. He wasn't sure just how to approach them about this. He wasn't even supposed to know.

His train of thought was broken as a loud “THUD” was heard against the wall, knocking over a picture on his desk. Porthos was woken up as well.

“Oh, YES!”

“Oh, Trip!”

Porthos covered his ears with his paws. Archer smiled at that, wishing he had some earplugs around. He wondered why they couldn’t make love in Commander Tucker’s quarters once in a while.


Two doors down on the other side of T’Pol’s room, Ensign Hoshi Sato was being kept up by all the racquet. She wished she’d never made that request to get her room switched. Stars going the wrong direction may make it harder for her to fall asleep, but didn’t remind her of a porn movie she’d viewed out of curiosity.

“Oh, Commander!”

“Take it all!”

“Ack!” exclaimed the young ensign as she vainly tried to cover her ears with her pillow. She envied her roommate, who worked the night shift and was blissfully unaware of what went on next door.

She also didn’t need to hear this, as it made thinking about Captain Archer in a non-professional way too easy. THAT was something that Hoshi tried not to indulge into…much. It was easy to do when they were on the bridge, when she had work to do. But when she saw him exercising on the treadmill and his tight ass moving along and nothing but a tank on, it made her feel like a Vulcan in Ponn Farr, and she’d melt.

She cared a lot about him. He did everything with a passion, and loved life. And for this, she loved Captain Archer.

T’Pol let out a sigh of quenched desired. Sato begin to imagine Archer was on her, kissing her neck and tickling her side, two things she couldn’t resist, despite the emotion control techniques the Sub-Commander had shown her….

Sato shook her head. She knew she had to get out of the room, or she’d never keep it together.  Hoshi hadn’t heard anything else, but if she knew them, they’d be going for thirds soon. And that was a slow night. She knew of one room that wouldn’t be occupied.


Archer hadn’t heard anything for a while, so decided he could go to sleep. He was just about to drift into peaceful slumber when T’Pol’s cries of love woke him up with a bolt. Porthos ran under Archer’s bed, scared of what he just heard. He wondered why he didn’t hear Tucker until he realized that T’Pol had been on the receiving end of oral.

“Damn,” Archer said to no one in particular. “I thought Vulcans would be more reserved during…that.” Archer didn't think she'd go for anything other than missionary. He checked the clock on his desk-0145 hours. He figured at this rate he’d get more sleep on top of the warp core. At least then he could look the two of them in the eye without dirty thoughts in his mind.

In all honesty, he was a tad bit jealous, too, of the both of them. He was always a bit attracted to Trip, then T’Pol stayed on Enterprise and he experienced fantasies about her that were VERY straight. He came to realize that he, Jonathan Archer, was bi. No one really cared about sexual preferences in the year 2153, but he wasn’t allowed to indulge in them either way. He was the captain, and fucking any of his crew-male or female- opens up a whole can of worms.

His thoughts suddenly turned to Hoshi Sato. It was a rare chance that he got to speak to her outside of the bridge, but she had an innocence to her that none of the other women on the ship had, perhaps due to the fact she was the youngest crewmember on the ship. Sato may not be top heavy, but in her own way, sexy. Seeing her cute little ass always excited him.

Too many thoughts, Archer thought. He felt guilty about his thinking of the youngest crewmember on Enterprise in that way. He chuckled, seeing how he'd thought about T'Pol in the same fashion many times, but never even attempted to set that aside.

With that, he pulled off the cover from his bed, and thought of where he’d sleep. He decided on Trip’s room since he certainly wouldn’t be using it tonight.


Archer walked into Tucker’s empty room-or at least he thought it was empty-and the light turned on. He was shocked to find Ensign Sato in Tucker’s bed. Sato woke up to find her captain with a blanket in front of her. It was almost like one of her fantasies, only now he had clothes on…

“Sorry, Ensign. May I ask why you’re here?”

Sato blushed, not sure how to explain this. “Um, you see, I am rooming next to Sub-Commander T’Pol, and-“

“Say no more. I know…” and took a place on the floor, although Tucker’s bed was a double sized one.

She had forgotten Captain Archer roomed next to T’Pol as well, seeing how he went to his quarters at a much later hour than she. She didn’t mind that he was there sharing the same room with her. But the bed had room for two.



“Perhaps you’d like to share this bed. It’s sure to be more comfortable than the ground.” Hoshi had more than Jonathon’s comfort in mind. The Captain wasn’t sure if he was breaking any rule about sleeping in the same bed as another crewmember. But it wasn’t like he’d be doing anything else.

“Don’t tell the crew about this,” He told her as he climbed into the bed next to her, noting that despite it being double size, it was a small fit for two, even with Hoshi being a size two. “Wouldn’t want the crew getting ideas.”

Sato smiled for more than one reason. “With T’Pol and Trip going at it like rabbits, there’s enough rumors to go around this ship. Although I wonder…”


“I’ve been in T’Pol’s quarters. Her bed’s a single."


" There’s more room here.”

Archer couldn’t help but laugh. “Go to sleep, Ensign. That’s an order.”

There would be nothing to start anything about the two of them. Archer and Sato were so tired from listening to T’Pol and Tucker that sleep came quickly to them both.


I could have simply asked Commander Tucker and T’Pol to keep it down. But that would have been awkward, as no one was supposed to know. Trip and T’Pol kept tight lips at dinner, acting like nothing was going on, save the occasional game of footsie.

However, changing where I slept helped me to catch up on the sleep I missed, and Hoshi said I was starting to look better. I didn’t feel as good as I'd hoped. With Trip and T’Pol with each other all the time, there I couldn’t really talk to anyone.

I felt alone.  Things changed one night, after a hard day


Archer passed by Trip while on his way to Tucker’s room.

“Hey, Cap’n!” Tucker called out.

“Hey, Trip! Where’re you off to?”

“Um...T’Pol’s quarters-for, um, neropressure-yeah,that’s it!” Tucker lied, knowing full well he was going to get laid. “Where are you going?”

“To get a snack,” was Archer’s reply. “Well, don’t want to keep you up!”

The two of them split up. He stepped into the turbolift, where Sato was already in.

“And how was your day, Sir?”

“It was fine.” They said nothing till they got to Commander Tucker’s quarters, and stepped in. Neither one noticed that Ensign Mayweather was stepping out to get a bite to eat and saw them go in. He could have sworn Tucker wasn’t in his quarters…but Hoshi and the captain must have good reason to be in there. Certainly nothing that shouldn’t be happening, he thought before stepping out his quarters.

“You don’t look too hot,” Sato told him once inside.

“This mission…” It certainly had been doing a number on him. “I feel like I don’t know what the hell I’m doing out here in space. It started out as proving something to the Vulcans, Dad...myself. Now it's so much more. Man, T’Pol would love to hear me say that.”

Sato was surprised to hear the captain say such a thing, to doubt himself. Their relationship -that with T'Pol and the Captain-had grown where T'Pol no longer rubbed it in about Vulcan technology, culture, etc. was superior to anything human. She reached up for his shoulder without thinking about it and guided him to sit on the bed, trying to find words to comfort him. Archer said nothing of this gesture, afraid she'd misinterpret the meaning. His eyes looked sorrowful.

“Captain, you came out to help the world. To save mankind. We need you.” Sato barely stopped herself from saying “I need you.” She rubbed his back in a soothing motion. “You can do this. Think about proving the Vulcan High Command wrong about you and the humans. T’Pol left her post there to help you because you believed in what you were doing. I hate to see her sacrifice be in vain. And Tucker deserves to avenge his sister.

"We all can't do this without you. We need you. Please be strong. I'm here for you."+-

She saw him look like her speech helped, and he smiled at her. The butterflies flapped in her stomach. “Thank you, Ensign. I needed that.” He looked and for the first time noticed how beautiful her eyes were.

“Captain, the night is still young. Perhaps we could watch a movie on the computer?”

“Sure, Ensign. I’d like that.”

Neither finished seeing the movie, which was a musical about a woman from 1920’s who tries to sing her way from a death sentence after she murdered her lover she was seeing behind her husband's back. The next thing Jonathon Archer knew, he awakened to find himself VERY close to Hoshi. His right arm was draped around her waist, and his left was embracing her shoulders. Ensign Sato's head was lying on his shoulder, her hands on his chest. Relieved to find their clothes were still on, he shook her gently.

“Hoshi...your shift starts in an hour.”

She stirred slightly, not wanting to end their embrace.

“See you on the bridge.”

He almost moved down to kiss her cheek, but restraint caught him. Out of order, Jonathon Archer. How T’Pol does this on a daily basis with EVERY single emotion was a mystery to him.


I still don't know how that happened, not one damn clue. But things accelerated from there. I'd come nightly, and talk about anything on my mind. Mostly, it was on daily stuff, but she held me when I spoke about my father's death. I will always love her for that. She didn't talk much, mostly listened. 

But when I fell asleep, my dreams were way vivid, and almost always included Hoshi in the buff. I knew it was wrong to feel this way, but I couldn't control it. I wouldn't suppress it if I could. I loved the feeling.


"Well," said Dr. Phlox after he finished his routine physical on Ensign Sato, "It seems you have a clean bill of health. You’re free to go."

"Thanks, Doc," She replied as she hopped off the table. 

Phlox noticed that she seemed a little tense and on edge, ever for her. "Ensign, are you feeling all right?"

"I'm fine," she laughed. "You gave me a clean bill of health."

"I meant is there something on your mind?"

Great, even Phlox could tell. Well, she did need to talk to someone and Phlox was the only one on the crew that could keep his mouth shut. He had to. "Well, I've always had feelings for someone on this ship."

"Go on." Romantic feelings never cease to interest him.

"But this person...is of a higher rank that I am."

Phlox smiled. Of course, it was a rare instance when he wasn't in a chipper mood. "How high?" he asked, not thinking up THAT high.

"Um...higher than lieutenant?"

"Ah...." Well, that narrowed it down a bit. He had some idea who it was, but he knew that would cause a hell of a lot of problems.

"I mean, I've been around him a lot lately, and now I find I can't stop thinking about him! I can push it aside if I'm on the bridge working with him, but..."She stopped, realizing she just gave away whom her crush was. "Um, I guess you figured out who it is, huh?"

"My lips are sealed, Ensign. And I think Captain Archer is a fine specimen of human. His biceps are exceptional for a man of his age, and his gluts are as firm as Ensign Mayweather's. His pects-"

Hoshi cut him off. "Doctor, that is REALLY not helping."

"My apologies." Phlox had had experience in counseling matters of the heart. But this was more than he wanted to dabble in. Relations between a captain and an ensign of all people would raise hell. But they couldn't be stopped if they did. 

"Ensign," He replied, "I can't tell you not to do anything, as it is none of my business. If Captain Archer reciprocates the feelings, I'd encourage you to go with caution. A LOT of caution," he added, pointing over to his stash of contraceptives.

"Thank you, Doctor. I feel better." She got up and left.

I don't feel better. Captain Archer wouldn't even notice me if we weren't driven out our quarters by Commander Tucker and Sub-Commander T'Pol. He could never be with me without jeopardizing his career, and he's worked so hard for that. I love him too much to do that.

"Hello, Ensign."

Her train of thought was broken as Archer was there next to her. He was out of uniform, wearing a handsome blue shirt, which enhance the traces of green in his eyes. She grabbed the wall as suddenly felt weak in the knees.

"Captain," she replied, a little shortly. Jon wondered what was on her mind as she suddenly ran off. Archer watched her for a while before walking in.

Doctor Phlox watched the whole scene from the Sick Bay door windows and smiled.


We’d see each other on the bridge, and I acted like nothing had changed between us. But I had changed.  On the rare chance T’Pol had free time she wasn’t spending with Trip, I asked her for some techniques to repress my thoughts. She figured I had come around to Vulcan stoicism. It didn’t help, but it was probably because I didn’t want it to.


It had been a rough day. The ship was attacked three hours ago, and Enterprise would be on reserve power for the next fifteen hours. Fortunately, it was nighttime and most of the crew was able to sleep though the power shortage. Tucker spent all night in Engineering, so Archer was able to sleep in his own room without hearing anything he didn’t want to hear. However, his bed felt so…empty. Even when Porthos jumped up on the side, exited to see his master for more than mealtime, he felt lonely.

Archer decided to turn on the ship’s built-in radio, which cycled through over 500,00 songs in its database. He heard the opening bars to a song, which sounded like a Japanese pop song, a Top Ten hit back in his days as Ensign Archer. He could not believe that of all the songs in the database, it would HAPPEN to play the one called “Boku no Hoshi.” literally “My Star.”  That word Hoshi was used in there at least ten times, seeing it was about five and a half minutes long. The song itself was a love song of a gentleman proclaiming his love to a girl he was too afraid to talk to-her name: Hoshi.

The powers that be were really testing him out. He’d be up all night, whether it be from Trip and T’Pol’s love making or his own conscience. Archer just closed his eyes in annoyance and flipped the radio off, knowing the song would be stuck in his head.

He began to image Ensign Sato there with him, stroking his hair and he doing the same. Nether of them had on any clothing while doing this activity. They were in a passionate kiss, engaged in lustful, forbidden passion. He pulled himself over the young girl, pressing his chest against hers....

Wait a minute, what am I doing?! Archer woke up with a start. Hoshi....Ensign Sato-is nothing more to me than a friend, at best, can never be more than that. These feelings I have, they’re just from spending so much time around her. I'm not in love, am I? I’m the Captain, and I need to set an example for the eighty-three crewmen I command…well, eighty-one, at least, no matter what. I doubt she’d return the feelings. She’s young and beautiful. Sure, T’Pol is much better eye candy, but Hoshi’s the type of girl a man settles down with, have children. She’s a good girl. She isn't one to put her whole career on the line for one fling.

His thoughts were interrupted by a new one, this time where he was oiling down a naked Sato in decon. He was naked as well. The heat of the room seemed to heighten their need to be inside each other. He slowly moved her head up to kiss her, letting himself go and not caring about the consequences. Slowly, he pulled her on top of him….

NO! I can’t do this! Archer broke off that image in his mind, on the brink of tears. Even if I wasn’t her commanding officer, she’s old enough to be my own child. I can’t bend this rule, I just can't! He buried his head in his hands and sighed. But not bending is killing me. Well, there were only two people he could talk to about this sort of thing, and one of them was fixing the power. The other was just a door away. He got up and went to the comm system.

“Archer to T’Pol”


“Did I wake you?”

“No, not at all.” Not surprising, since Vulcans can go without sleep for up to three weeks.

“Could I speak to you? On a personal matter?”

“You may. I’ll be right over”

T’Pol came about a minute later in full uniform, oddly enough, the old gray one she used to wear as part of her Vulcan High Command uniform, which had been ditched when they came to the Delphic Expanse. T'Pol was actually in uniform since she'd just come from Ensign Sato's quarters, helping Ms. Sato accept her feelings for Captain Archer.

Archer motioned for her to sit down before he spoke. “As you know, as the highest ranking officers we don’t get to indulge in as much.... fun as the rest of the members of the crew.”

“Captain, I’m not human. I would not indulge in fun if I were even an ensign.”

“Um, right. I have been wondering what to do if we were to become…I don’t know…interested in another member of the crew.”

T’Pol now felt VERY uncomfortable. In her guilt, she didn’t even fathom this talk was not directed towards her, but about the captain himself.

“Well, I guess I should inform you now, since you and Commander Tucker are friends.” She stood up. “Tucker and I had begun a relationship.”

Whoops, wrong person, Archer thought, although it was good they didn't have to beat around the bush. But he sensed nervousness and fear from T’Pol., so he skipped the lecture on relations between officers. “Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you and Trip are together. Congrats. I trust it won’t affect your performance on the bridge?”

“No, sir,” T’Pol addressed Archer as 'Sir' for the first time. It’s the least she could do. She found it odd that Captain Archer did not say any more than he did. Perhaps he may have heard them, and already knew. In any case, she’d gotten off quite easily, and was in no position to complain. If she were still on the Vulcan High Council, a reprimand would be the least of her worries.

“Good. Now for my question...again. Let’s say I was interested in someone on this ship, or maybe just think about them a little more than the rest of the crew.”

“I’m sure it’s quite natural for you to experience these feelings, since you cannot express them in an intimate fashion. Perhaps a cold shower is in order?”

Archer looked at T’Pol in shock.

“Commander Tucker informed me it was quite effective until we consummated-.”

“Um…yeah.” Well, that was interesting. “Seriously, what should I do?”

T’Pol contemplated in thought. “ What is her rank?”


T'Pol decided this HAD to be a coincidence, considering the talk with Hoshi Sato a few minutes earlier.

“That wouldn’t be the most appropriate relationship to engage in. I’d suggest someone of higher rank, but I am already spoken for.”

Archer nodded. The Vulcan wasn’t sure if it was a nod of understanding or of pain. She herself wasn’t the best example to follow, since she outranked Tucker. She looked over at Archer, the loneliest person aboard Enterprise.

“Captain.” He looked up. “If it’s of that importance to you where you'd seek my advice, perhaps it may be worth it to you if you were to explore this. If she approaches you first.”  Perhaps it was more than pure dumb luck that Sato and Archer were wondering about an unattainable relationship in one night. With that she walked out, leaving Jon to his thoughts. Porthos walked up and licked him.


I always figured I’d die alone, in the middle of space. I had a girlfriend I asked to marry me the day before I graduated from the Academy. She said no, and told me she didn’t want to be a Starfleet widow. I guess I understand her apprehension about marrying me.

I want more out of life. This dream of commanding my father’s vessel has come true for me. But now, I have no clue what else in life I wanted to do. Whatever I want, I don’t want do be alone doing it.

I’ve shared a lot with Hoshi, some things even Trip doesn’t even know about me. Since we have shared this time together, I’ve gotten to know her and she me. When I’m around her, I feel like she’s the only one in the whole world. I thought she could never return my love for her.


Archer looked forward to when he'd be in bed with Hoshi once more.  

No, it wasn’t sexual or anything, but the closeness was nice. Closeness being not just literal, but emotional as well. With T’Pol and Tucker screwing at every free moment, he’d had no one to talk to lately. He couldn’t send a video stream out to his friends and family on Earth, since the Delphic Expanse was way out of range.. It got lonely out here in space, and his position on the ship made that distance even wider.

He got a reminder of how much had changed on Enterprise that day when he and Lieutenant Reed went into the Armory to help Trip upgrade some weapons and caught the two of them making out. Luckily, it hadn’t gotten any farther than that. It saddened him that he would have to give his best friend a formal reprimand for inappropriate conduct. Although he couldn't do the same for T’Pol since she resigned from the High Council nor was a part of Starfleet, he did restrict her to her quarters for four hours afterward-with NO visitors.

But the tension he felt around the young Ensign Sato was killing him. He took T’Pol’s suggestion on the cold shower, but it was pretty futile. Unless the Enterprise was in dire danger, he couldn’t go more than 20 minutes without the thought of that beautiful girl in his mind.

As soon as he walked in, Hoshi knew the Captain could use some cheering up.

“How was your day, sir?’

“You can call me Jon,” he told her before he could stop himself. Even he and T’Pol, with all the ups and downs they’d been through, were not on a first-name basis. Archer lay down on top of the covers. “I saw Tucker and T’Pol…”having a snog”, as Reed put it.” He told her the whole story since their relationship was no big secret to her. He could tell her because he knew Hoshi could keep quiet when appropriate, and could tell the difference between when and when it wasn’t.

The young ensign was glad to have the captain’s trust. She dare say love, but even if he returned her feelings, he’d never let her know about it, him being the captain. It would be important for him to keep the respect of the crew.

“…I hate to have to do this to Trip, but he needs to start thinking with his head and not his…head.”

Sato nodded. “I guess the cat’s out of the bag.”

Archer let out a sigh.

“You look tense, Captain. Here.” Hoshi began to pull off his shirt, then pushed Jonathan onto his stomach. Archer wasn’t sure if he liked where this MIGHT lead, so he stopped her.

“Ensign…we shouldn’t be doing this…” Although I want to do so much more

“Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m giving you a massage.” Hopefully not for long, she thought.

“Oh. Carry on.” Damn.

She peeled off the rest of his top, making him bare from the waist up.  She rubbed on his back in a circular motion. Archer hadn’t had a back rub this good since that shore leave to Risa about a year ago. He certainly could a shore leave now. He felt his heart skip a beat.

She proceeded to move down his back near his ass with skilled ease. He wanted so much to do the same to her.

If she approaches you first, T’Pol’s voice echoed in his head. Well, this was good enough for him.

“Um…Ensign, you seem tense as well. Perhaps I can return the favor?”

Hoshi didn’t believe what she just heard, but wasn’t going to say no, either. The young Japanese wasted no time in removing her top. Jon noted she had no bra on under the shirt, which brought many images into his mind, even though her back was turned to him while she did this. She lay down with her head facing to the side and closed her eyes as Jon began his work.

Hoshi enjoyed every moment his large, strong hands massaged her tiny body, especially her sides near her breasts. This moment was a fantasy come true-even if Archer was about twenty years her senior and the captain of the ship she happened to be serving on. She knew what they were on the verge of what was considered acceptable behavior between two officers of different ranks, but she wanted more than this. Hoshi felt closer to him these last couple of weeks, and wanted him inside her to show how much she felt, despite all the warnings and the advice of nearly every one of her female professors at Starfleet Academy. Sato began to feel a burning fire between her neither regions.

Captain Archer was beyond happy. He tried to keep his restraint while touching his subordinate. That word's not the right word for her, he said in his mind. She was much more than that to him-a confidant, a friend, maybe a lover. He thought this might make him feel better, but feeling her smooth, firm back only intensified his need. Oh, Gods, I wish for one night, I could show her how I felt...I don't know how I can continue on without her...Oh, Hoshi, I want you more than ever, you’re so beautiful…

Jon looked down to see Hoshi. She looked so perfect he wanted to kiss her. He wasn’t aware of how close to her face he was breathing into. Sato did notice, but didn’t mind or care about the fact that these feelings should not be explored. Hoshi opened her eyes and moved her head to see Archer just looking at her longingly, millimeters away, as if he wanted to do more than massage her.

It’s you imagination, Hoshi Sato. This can’t be real…

“Captain…” She said weakly, having felt her body go to mush. Hoshi always got nervous quickly, but the butterflies she felt in her stomach now were never so fast in her life.

“Hoshi, I…I want this so much…ever since we’ve been here….”

Don’t pass out. Whatever you do, do NOT pass out.

“Me too.”

Hoshi Sato pressed her lips upon his, moving her tongue around his mouth and amplifying her need. While shocked at its suddenness, Archer certainly didn’t disapprove. Reason and logic chose that time to get the best of her, and Hoshi pushed him off enough to speak to him. However, their noses were still pressed together.

"We really can't do this. Your job..."

"I want to do this. There isn't anything I want more."


“The feelings are mutual. There’s nothing wrong with that.” Please don’t leave me wanting, Hoshi…that’s one order I can’t give, but the one thing only you can give me.

"But Starfleet-"

"The hell with Starfleet." It came out as a whisper. He resumed kissing her once more.

He wasn’t sure if he was pulling her from her stomach to her back, or if she turned herself around. It really didn’t matter. They were both doing what they were yearning to do. Archer decided to leave this out of his official Starfleet log.

Archer slipped his hand into her pants and began to touch her in a sensual manner, staring up a fire that water could not drown out. Hoshi whimpered at his touch, having never had any of her previous lovers do THAT. His hand playing with her tickled a little, and she let out a small giggle, which made her koi smile (Koi is Japanese for lover.)

 The sensations were intensified when Jon began to rub on her belly with his free hand.  Hoshi helped her lover remove his pants and underwear, stroking his member while doing so. Archer stepped out of them and flung them across the room. She lifted her hips up to let Archer do the same thing with her pants.

One thing Jon thought of-what if she’s a virgin?! He was a bit frightened by this thought. Sleeping with someone of much lower rank was one thing, but he REALLY would be uncomfortable by…..Sato looked a lot younger than twenty-six. He broke off their passionate kiss to ask her. Sato shook her head. But still, he could tell she hadn’t had much experience, so he didn’t feel it was right to go rough on her. Instead he kissed her neck and played with her sex some more. She moaned out in pleasure, her body going numb to everything but Captain Archer and herself, saying his name in a soft soothing voice. Actually, she’d called him “Captain”, but it made him feel powerful and in charge, which he had not felt in weeks since T’Pol began fucking Tucker. He resisted the urge to ram into her just then.

By now, Jon’s rod was stiff like an archer’s bow (Yes, that pun was intended.). He stopped kissing her neck and touching her down under to begin fondling her small breasts. Her smooth mounds became hard mountain peaks as the simulation caused her nipples to harden. Hoshi wished he’d be a little less gentle with her, but knew Captain Archer still saw her as the young novice translator he’d selected almost right out of the Academy. She knew there’s be another time for that later.

The feeling of being stroked was enough for Hoshi till Jon’s inserted his length into her.  Sato didn’t have too many sexual encounters under her belt, but this would be the first time she'd made love.  She had wanted to express feelings to her Captain and this said so much. Captain Archer was VERY big, so she did feel a bit of discomfort as her sex was spread wider than she’d ever known. Sato gave a small yelp.

“You okay?”, he asked, not wanting to hurt her.

“Yes, Cap-Jon.”

Their hips began to buck against each other in anticipation when they would feel true bliss.  Jon wanted to make Sato come first, so he went slowly at first, quickening with each moment he was inside Sato. I think that’ll be something new for her, he was thinking. He quickly turned his thoughts to the task at hand. He loved the sensation of a tight pussy around his cock, teasing him in ways he could never imagine existed. He then put one of Sato’s boobs into his mouth while he used his now freed hands to roam her body. Archer reached down to feel that cute ass he’d always admired, which Sato did the same thing. Jon nearly lost it when he felt how firm and small her bum was. But knew he wanted her to come first. With all his control of his body, he edged on while Hoshi continued to explore every inch of his body and kiss behind his ears.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Reed wondered next door why Tucker and T’Pol had decided to come to Tucker’s quarters this evening for their evening ritual. Until he noticed that the female voice he heard was way too high pitched to be T’Pol and the male sounded an awful lot like Archer. He didn’t want to know who it was or what was going on. Malcolm pulled open a drawer from his desk and pulled out a 38 proof whiskey to drink. This should have him out for a while…

Sato could feel Jonathan’s need for release. His touch and the sound of him urged her on. She quivered when Jon said “Oh, Hoshi…” in his husky, dark voice while he rubbed her spine in his gentle fashion.

“Captain, I want you badly…"

"Me, too....you're good..."

"I need you…Oh…OH!” Just then, her dam broke, and she lost all inhibition, forgetting about rules and regulation. Hoshi savored the pleasure she felt just then, riding along as Archer continued to pump into her, throwing her ass on the bed. Jonathan tried to hold on, to indulge in this guilty pleasure, her orgasm massaging his life rod as he’d never felt in his forty-odd years of life. Jon gripped on to Sato’s small back as he shot into her, bucking on her, and being a little more rough, which Hoshi enjoyed completely. He let out a groan of passion and relief when the last of his seed went into her. Archer rolled off her so as they both could catch their breath from the most passionate love-making of both their lives.

Sato then rested her head on Archer’s shoulder and stroked his hair. Archer turned to look at his lover to tell her was they both already knew.

“Hoshi, I...I love you.” Any trouble he’d be in once they returned home would be worth this night of love. His only regret was that Hoshi's career was at stake as well.  "Don't leave me." He began to kiss her neck again, while drawing her near him.

“I love you too, Captain,” she replied out of old habit. Phlox's words about being careful came into her head as she became aware of the fact they'd not used protection. “I’ve loved you for a long time, and I want you more than anything. You’re more than Captain Archer to me.”

“I think you can call me Jon now.”

The two of them said nothing else, just holding one another and gazing into each other’s eyes until they fell asleep.


Trip and T’Pol came to Trips’ quarters, so he’d be able to get another change of clothes.

“It’s strange,” Tucker told his girlfriend,” I called the Cap’n, but he didn’t respond. He’s normally up by now.”

“Perhaps he had a good reason, Trip.”

Tucker punched in the code to his room, took two steps, then stopped in his tracks.

“Commander, are you all right?” Then she noticed Captain Archer and Ensign Sato asleep together in Trip’s bed. They were both nude. And T’Pol hadn’t had her nasal injection yet. Meanwhile, Archer began to stir, as did Ensign Sato. They opened their eyes and smiled at one another.

“I think this constitutes a good reason for not responding to hails.”

The two of the turned to see T’Pol and Tucker standing in the doorway. T’Pol remained her calm self. However Tucker stood wide-eyed, not knowing what to say at the sight of his captain and friend in HIS bed with an ensign, which had been out of the Academy for a little over two years, neither party with anything but the covers on them.

“I see the captain is occupied at the moment, Trip. Shall we go?”

It was the last thing he heard before he fainted into darkness. T’Pol merely looked over at Tucker and then spoke to the two of them. “I trust this won’t affect your performance on the bridge?”

“No ma’am,” replied the both of them.

“Captain, I require your assistance in getting Commander Tucker to Sick Bay.” Archer got up, giving one last look at Hoshi.

“Don’t forget your clothes, Captain.”

“Oh, right….” He quickly got changed, then whispered to Hoshi's ear. "Don't move. I'll be back", then kissed her. The two of them walked out.

Hoshi smiled to herself, thinking on the time she’d be able to do this once more.


Tucker and T’Pol tried to kiss one another. But the noise from T’Pol’s right hand neighbor, Jonathan Archer, was keeping them quite distracted.

“We REALLY need soundproof walls,” Tucker commented.



Tucker suffered from a very minor scratch on the head when he fell, but was otherwise OK. He gave me a lecture about relations between an officer and his crew till T’Pol reminded how hypercritical he sounded. That and the fact that I had let her off the hook for her confession.

While the crew have adjusted, more or less, to T'Pol and Trip as a couple, most of them are still uncomfortable with me being in a relationship with a) a crewmember of a way lower rank and b) that crewmember could easily be half my age. Hoshi confessed to me she'd always had crushes on way older men, so she was fine with it.

It’s funny how life is. Until about a month ago, I’d never consider I’d be with anyone ever, let alone someone on my crew. If anyone, I thought T’Pol might take an interest in me. But I was just in lust with her, and she's taken. Hoshi was there for me when I needed to talk. And I got so much more. I don’t know what will happen to us when we get home. We could both lose our jobs or get reassigned to different ships. All I know is now, that she’s there for me. I don’t feel so alone anymore. End Log

The End


Author's Note:

Well, that’s certainly different.

If you thought that was intense, try writing it. It originally wasn’t even going to be a serious fic, much less one on improper relations, the ideal literally popped into my head. For the record, it’s not a couple I support, nor do I ever see feasible. However, Archer should be paired up with any of his crew, as long as it's T'Pol :)

-Why Hoshi and Archer?: It’s different. I like doing different, and there’s already enough Archer/T’Pol fics on this site alone. There’s also that whole forbidden passion thing, which makes it more interesting to write about than the far overused “Vulcan-comes-to-grips-with-human-emotion” angle that's been around since the time of Kirk and Spock, which is why Tucker and T’Pol’s relationship is nothing more than the catalyst to get the plot moving.

-Why is Archer Bi?: This fict was originally going to be about T’Pol wanting more sex in the relationship than Tucker could provide, so they were going to invite Archer into a threesome-which would involve the two people he cared for. And I don’t think he’s quite straight anyhow :P

-Title: I juts finished reading “Hamlet” in English. The quote can be found in the “to be or not to be” soliloquy in Act Three, scene one, lines 63-97

-The movie Sato and Archer were watching: If you used your detective skills to figure out it was "Chicago", give yourself a pat on the back.

Please R&R, and read my parody “All Broke up!” I worked hard on that fict, and it only has five reviews from the first two chapters. I didn’t re-read and re-edit this fic for nearly eight hours on end for nothing. G’night!


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